Dying Man’s Wish

ABC Nightline, 1/19/11
This is an interesting story about a dying man’s wish to bring the knowledge of Wall Street to Main Street.  Knowing that he had only months to live, this former Wall Street executive felt so passionate about his message that he spent his remaining time spreading the word about how investors could do better by taking a simpler, more regimented approach.  Watch this video to find out for yourself what insight Gordon Murray had that drove him to act with such purpose.

Link | Gordon Murray, Hero of Wall Street (abcnews.com)

Investing Truths

This is one of our favorite interactive tools available for individual investors to understand the importance of minimizing costs, controlling your emotions, investing for the long-term, and managing risk.  Each tool on this website highlights an important core principle behind successful, long-term investing.  For example, see for yourself by clicking on The Truth About Costs to see how seemingly small differences in expenses can dramatically erode returns  over time.

Link | Investing Truths (Vanguard.com)

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