When you leave the comfort of an established firm to build your own enterprise, you do so for very clear reasons. For us, it was simply a matter of wanting to create a highly principled, completely unbiased, personal approach to investment management, an approach that would accomplish what we believe our industry should stand for: to advocate, inform, and honestly advise the people who place their trust in us.

a highly principled, completely unbiased, personal approach to investing…

We established our firm with a united commitment to better serve individual investors. Each of us understands how the investment business is conducted elsewhere; we knew that together we could create our own way of doing business: a much more effective, efficient, and straight-forward way to help clients. Clients deserve better. We deserve better. That’s why we founded this company.

"It’s a relationship: if you’re willing to invest in us, we will invest in you."

Removed from the constraints of a larger organization, we’ve been able to create a truly meaningful entity: we believe in doing what is right, we believe in placing the interests of the client first, we believe in the integrity of each other, and we believe that – in the long run – we are creating a model for how investors should be treated.

Our Mission: To educate, empower, and positively impact the lives of our investment partners and the community in which we live, through the delivery of honest, unbiased, objective investment advice.

Our Vision: To fundamentally change the way in which investors perceive, and rely upon, their investment advisors.