As an independent firm, we’re not beholden to any investment products or providers, but have complete autonomy to select the investment instruments that best meet your needs. We focus on selecting investment vehicles to efficiently provide exposure within each asset class.  Broadly diversified, low-cost, liquid, transparent, and tax-efficient vehicles form the core of each client’s customized portfolio.  To ensure proper diversification across sub-asset class, sector, and geography, investments held outside our advisement are also considered in the portfolio construction process.

“We carefully consider diversification, tax-efficiency, and costs associated with each investment we make.”

After selecting the appropriate investment vehicles, we begin an ongoing process of systematically monitoring your portfolio to ensure that – despite changes in your circumstances and in the financial markets – your investments will remain aligned with your objectives.

At the asset allocation level, client portfolios are reviewed at least once per quarter versus the target allocation ranges stated in the investment policy statement. Rebalancing is considered whenever asset class bands are breached, close to being breached, or as client circumstances warrant.

At the individual security level, client portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis to make certain each instrument is performing in accordance with our expectations. In addition, we are constantly reviewing the broad and ever-changing landscape of investment products to determine whether there are any new investment vehicles within each asset class that may be superior to the instruments we currently employ.