We believe effective investment plans can be quite simple. Our investment philosophy is not speculative opinion: it is academically and empirically supported. Rather than spending time trying to outperform the market by searching for a magical stock that might be “the needle in the haystack,” we allocate our time and resources in the areas where we can have the greatest impact for our investors.

We focus on understanding each client’s situation, customizing their asset allocation, and delivering a superior client service experience.

Rather than trying to predict short-term economic or market movements, our investment philosophy is rooted in asset allocation and common sense.

Our investment philosophy is simple, because it is based on common sense and facts:

           1.  Asset allocation drives investment results
           2.  The future is not predictable
           3.  Fees and taxes matter

Therefore, we believe long-term investors should focus on what they can control:

           1.  Build an allocation plan in accordance with specific client
                objectives and constraints
           2.  Broadly diversify across, and within, various asset classes
                and geographies
           3.  Minimize fees and taxes through investment selection and
                asset location

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”