Carrie Miller, Partner

Carrie joined Trellis Wealth Advisors as a partner in 2014.  She shares responsibility for every aspect of running the business and working with clients, with a special focus on communications, operations and technology.

Before joining Trellis Wealth Advisors, Carrie served advisors and their clients during much of her 18 year career at our custodian, Charles Schwab.

As Managing Director within Schwab Institutional, Carrie helped lead efforts to improve the client experience for 7,000+ independent advisory firms with over $900 billion in client assets at Schwab.  Over four years, Carrie managed product development and roll-outs for the institutional business, ensuring that key Schwab products and services were built to work seamlessly for advisors and their clients.

Prior to that, Carrie managed communications and training efforts for the 120-person relationship management team within Schwab Institutional.  Carrie managed both strategic and crisis communications for Schwab Institutional sales staff during the global financial crisis of 2008 -2009.

Prior to that, Carrie helped launch and grow the nation's largest investment advisor referral program for high net worth investors.  Over 6 years, Carrie had the opportunity to work closely with 300 respected independent advisory firms throughout the U.S., developing reporting, technology and educational content for these advisors and their clients.

Carrie earned a BA degree in Literature from Claremont McKenna College.  

“I was drawn to the Trellis investment philosophy, but I was also drawn to the three exceptional founders. We share the belief that clients come first and the work we do each day should be meaningful.”