What is your typical client profile?
  • Affluent and high net worth individuals and families
  • Net worth typically ranges between $2 and 20 MM
What is your minimum investment?
  • We’ve purposely designed our firm without a stated minimum investment level.
  • It’s the quality of relationship, cultural fit, and ability to add value that matter the most to us.
How are you positioned with most of your clients?

Most of our clients rely upon us as their primary advisor helping them think through their entire financial situation.

Are certain clients “owned” by certain principals?
  • Our belief is that clients are better served by having all four partners work on your behalf.
  • Investors are clients of the firm, not clients of a specific individual.
  • At all times, investors will have access to all key decision makers within the firm.
How often do you communicate with clients?

We speak with clients as often as they like. At a minimum, we have a formal annual meeting to update the investment policy and ensure your asset allocation plan is in-line with your stated objectives and constraints. Most clients prefer to meet more often to discuss their financial situation.

In addition, clients receive monthly statements from our custodian and quarterly asset and performance statements from us.

What do I get for your fee of 0.5%?
Investment Non-Investment

1) Investment Policy Statement
2) Asset Allocation Plan
3) Portfolio Construction
4) Security Selection
5) Investment Implementation
6) Ongoing Monitoring
7) Portfolio Rebalancing
8) Performance Analysis

  1) Documented Investment History
  2) Documented Meeting Notes
  3) Consolidated Performance Reporting
  4) Consolidated View of Assets
  5) Secure Document Vault
  6) Online Access To Information