Where will my assets be held?
  • To protect our clients and eliminate any potential conflict of interest, all of our clients’ assets are held with a qualified third-party custodian: Charles Schwab. We’re able to leverage the technology and infrastructure of the nation’s top service provider to Registered Investment Advisors, while providing you with the assurance that your assets are protected.
  • Schwab has been the leading third-party custodian for independent wealth advisors for over 25 years. Schwab represents over 7,000 independent advisors with over $900 billion of client assets.
What are the benefits of having my assets held at a third party?
  • Investment advisor never takes possession of client assets
  • Institutional custody and trading platform
  • Access to broad investment platform
  • Infrastructure, reporting, and online access of a larger financial institution
Are you registered as an advisor with the SEC or State?
  • We are registered as an Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Are there any fee breaks and/or discounts for certain investors?
  • We fundamentally believe that all investors should be treated equally.
  • Because we believe our fee structure is fair, we offer no fee breaks, special discounts, or side deals with any investors.
How are your advisory fees charged and paid?
  • Advisory fees are charged quarterly, in arrears, at the end of each calendar quarter and automatically deducted from your account.
Will I receive statements from you and/or a third-party?
  • On a monthly basis, you will receive brokerage statements directly from Schwab
  • On a quarterly basis, you will receive performance reports from us