How would you describe Trellis Wealth Advisors?

We are a boutique, private investment office that was created to help individuals make more informed investment decisions

Why did you decide to launch the firm?

The Firm was founded by a common desire to create a better way to serve individual investors. We wanted to be part of something that:

  • Focused on the profitability of the client, not the profitability of the enterprise
  • Helped investors simplify, not complicate their financial lives
  • Could be a reflection of our personal and professional values
  • Allowed us to prioritize what’s important in life
  • Gave meaning to our day-to-day experiences
Why did you choose the name Trellis Wealth Advisors?
  • Trellis - It implies a two-way relationship; a trellis provides structure to enable plants to thrive; the structure exists for the health of the vine; our structure provides direction, yet enables people to grow in whatever direction their lives take them.
  • Wealth – We chose “wealth” instead of “capital” because it represents more than just money.
  • Advisors – We chose “advisors” versus “management” because we value objectivity and independence. It’s not about gathering assets under management. It’s about being a true advocate for our clients.
What are the core values of the firm?
  • Character – We believe what you have may come and go, but who you are will endure
  • Stewardship - We believe in being a steward of your assets above all else
  • Equality – We believe all clients should be treated equally, regardless of investment size
  • Transparency - We believe in candidness and openly sharing everything with clients
  • Discipline - We believe discipline & patience provide the foundation for long-term success
  • Alignment - We believe our success is inextricably tied to our clients’ success
  • Humility - We believe humility is a virtue, not a vice
  • Meaning - We believe money is a means to an end, not an end in itself
  • Thoroughness - We believe in being painstakingly complete in everything we do
  • Balance - We believe in a balanced approach to investments and life
How do these values manifest themselves in the business?
  • Fees – All investors pay the same fee rate; no exceptions; give investors a fair share of the return
  • Transparency – Full transparency not only with regards to investments, but also into the firm
  • Compensation – No fundraising / commissions, and / or hidden compensation
  • Documentation – Documented meeting notes; investment policy statement; client binder
  • Discretion – We treat all client information with absolute confidentiality and respect
What are the core competencies of the firm?
  • Asset Allocation – Developing a customized allocation based on the unique needs of our clients
  • Investment Selection – Determining the most prudent investments to include in a portfolio
  • Client Service – Thoroughly understanding your unique situation; communicating with full transparency and objectivity; following through on our commitments
How would you describe your business strategy?
  • Independent - Fully independent investment advisor obligated to no one but our clients; simple flat management fee; no fee sharing relationships; no other sources of compensation; no hidden agendas
  • Boutique - Focused on a limited number of clients; start small and remain small; focused on the profitability of our clients; attract clients through word of mouth; focus on investment services; outsource other wealth management services
  • Relationship – Strive to maintain client relationships for life; there is no easy way around getting to know clients; high touch client service model; everyone is treated equally
What is the value proposition of the firm?
  • Investment – We build customized, institutional-quality portfolios for individual investors that are broadly diversified, low-cost, liquid, tax-efficient, and transparent.
  • Non-Investment – We serve as an advocate for individual investors and help them organize, document, control, and simplify their financial lives.
Why did you choose 0.5% for your management fee?
  • It’s what we believe is fair
  • Doing the right thing for investors up front will increase the likelihood of success over time
  • Firm overhead doesn’t require high management fees
  • Owners aren’t sharing any revenues with any other entity
  • Partner compensation isn’t the motivating factor for establishing this business